The Gingerbread Man

Interactive musical folktale set to African rhythms

In this performance we meet one of the most famous characters of American folk culture: The Gingerbread Man. The delectable dessert must flee from his peckish pursuers—the Little Old Lady, the Little Old Man, the Cow, the Donkey, and the Chicken—running on and on until he arrives to the edge of the river, where he meets a sly and sleepy fox . . .

What happens next will remain a secret here, but one thing’s for certain: young and old alike will be singing along with the catchy melodies by the end of the story!

Adapted by: Danny Bain
Hungarian text: Márton Jankovics
Consultant: Viktória Szántó
Performer: Danny Bain
Length: 25 minutes + 20 minute instrument introduction


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All copyrights belong to Danny Bain!

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