Performances and workshops

Danny first performed his adaptation of this African folktale at the Kabóciádé Family Festival in Veszprém in 2013. The spellbinding sound of the Ghanaian xylophone carries the audience away to the African savannah.

In this performance we meet one of the most famous characters of American folk culture: The Gingerbread Man.

Sassouma, a determined and daring young girl, leaves her aging father and their small mud home behind, setting out into the desert on the back of her three-humped camel to find the source of the wind, which has been blowing sand into their village and destroying all the crops.

Have you ever heard a trombone made out of a kitchen sink accompanied by a steel drum? How about a Bulgarian bagpipe/Ghanaian xylophone duo?

Amos, an eccentric junk peddler who lives alone in the Tokapippi mountains, finds his audience waiting for their train at the local station, and recounts to them the story of a young hero named Jack, who saved the railroad.

Djeli, the musican, magician, and storyteller extraordinaire, whisks us away to his West African home, where he tells us the story of Sandji and Kalili.

Gulliver, the great traveller, sails on the endless seas, explores the island country of Lilliput then the land of giants. The stories of the novel by Swift can be experienced through songs and music. 

A combination for musical lecture, concert, instrument introduction and class for children different ages.

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