“Once upon a chime” musical revue

Have you ever heard a trombone made out of a kitchen sink accompanied by a steel drum?
How about a Bulgarian bagpipe/Ghanaian xylophone duo?

Danny Bain (USA) and Bela Agoston (HU) had never met when they were first asked to prepare a concert for the famous Valley of the Arts Festival in Hungary in 2019, and so from the beginning their collaboration was an unexpected blend of different cultures, styles, and musical experiences, and they have continued to explore the possibilities that this brings ever since. Their unique combinations of folk, classical, and homemade instruments alone are enough to captivate audiences, but with Danny’s knack for the theatrical, and Bela’s absurd sense of humor, their performances have evolved into something that blends the boundaries between music and theater.

Terrible puns, ridiculous rhymes, and silly stories engage the audience, who join in the music on squeaky dog toys. Not simply a children’s concert, but a musical variety show, Danny and Bela seamlessly weave together music from around the world, original songs, storytelling, comedy routines and musical clowning to create a one-of-a-kind performance that is sure to delight, amaze, and entertain.

And yes, they play Hungarian folk music too!

Performer: Danny Bain, Béla Ágoston
Length: 40-60 minutes + free play with the instruments


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All copyrights belong to Danny Bain!

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