Kodzsugukila, The Witch

Djeli, the musican, magician, and storyteller extraordinaire, whisks us away to his West African home, where he tells us the story of Sandji and Kalili, who rescued the Sun and the Moon from the wicked witch Kodzsugukila.
On the way we meet a brave jumping mouse, a melodramatic gazelle, and the wise and mysterious Rain Spirit. The music and sounds of West Africa accompany us on this magical journey, where the balafon leads us in an incantation, and even the drums have something to say.

Author: Anna Sándor
Composer: Danny Bain
Designer: Enikő Bodnár
Director: Viktória Szántó
Performer: Danny Bain
Length: 45 minutes


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All copyrights belong to Danny Bain!

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