Gulliver’s travels

Musical performance with extraordinary instruments, puppets and masks.
Based on Jonathan Swift’s novel by the same name.

Gulliver, the great traveller, sails on the endless seas, explores the island country of Lilliput then the land of giants. The stories of the novel by Swift can be experienced through songs and music. Gulliver remembers and acts out the adventures of his travels to the audience, who can also learn the odd habits and languages of these remarkable, different worlds.

In the show there are masks, puppets and unususal instruments, including a Yaybahar.
Gulliver and all the other characters are played by the musical storyteller, Danny Bain.

Playwrite: Viktória Szántó
Design: Enikő Bodnár
Composing: Danny Bain
Directing: Andrea Székely
Played by Danny Bain


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All copyrights belong to Danny Bain!

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